Filmland International is a Brazilian film production company, focused in genre and fantasy movies, whose main goal is to combine quality and entertainment for international audiences.

In its portfolio, there are several movies that were very well received by the public and prestigious film festivals. Among them, Motorrad, an action thriller that was at Toronto International Film Festival and was sold to several territories in the world, recently an English language remake was sold to Australia. Other titles include de action-comedy Divorce, which reached the top#10 at the Brazilian box office; The Dreamseller, based on Augusto Cury's most successful book and directed by Jayme Monjardim, that was also among the top#10, turning out to be Netflix top #10 in most Latin America; The Exam, another title at the top#10; and Any Stray Cat, which not only reached the top#10 but ranked among the top Disney Brazil's titles. Besides feature films, Filmland produced documentaries, like March of the Living, a documentary about Jewish kids filmed in Brazil, USA, Poland, Germany and Israel, directed by Sino-American Jessica Sanders. Recently, Filmland completed Yakuza Princess, a graphic novel adaptation starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and American-Japanese sensation Masumi, which is being sold internationally by XYZ Films.

Filmland is now developing genre and fantasy feature films, that go from science fiction to adventure and graphic novels’ adaptations.



São Paulo