Filmland International is a Brazilian film producer which main focus is to make films that combine quality and entertainment, for the national and international markets.

Since 2001, Filmland International, which has as producers LG Tubaldini Jr and André Skaf, exclusively produces film projects. In its portfolio, there are several films that have been well received by the public and in prestigious festivals. Among them The Dreamseller, based on Augusto Cury's most successful book and directed by Jayme Monjardim, which ranks among the top 10 national box offices in 2016, released by Warner Bros.; another highlight is the comedy O Concurso, which reached 1,500,000 viewers; as well as the romantic comedy Qualquer Gato Vira Lata, which had the highest income in the history of Disney Brazil in local productions in 2011; among the documentaries is March of the living, which was shot in Brazil, Israel, United States, Poland and Germany, directed by American Jessica Sanders, an Oscar-nominated winner of the Sundance Film Festival and also released in the United States with international sales.

In addition, the company has an extensive list of short films, including critical success De Glauber para Jirges, selected hours concours at the Venice Film Festival, and 14Bis, aired on the commercial circuit of movie theaters, having been a great success in Home Video and counting on international sales to several countries of the world. Filmland is currently developing a number of genre films ranging from science fiction to adventure and comics.



Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo